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December 11, 2006

Latest List Version

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I still have to follow up a number of suggestions I have been given, including the excellent “library list” I was referred to, but this is the list as it stands at the moment. If this is your first visit, for more information please click on “About” and “How This Blog Works” on the page header.

Green Reading List

Basic Introductory Reading

*Statement of Core Principles of The Green Party of England and Wales –

Green Party Policy

*Green Party Policy Pointers –
*Green Party of England and Wales Manifesto For a Sustainable Society (Recommended for reference rather than reading through at one go!)

Green History

*A Brief History of The Global Green Network –
*Green History by Derek Wall, Routledge, London 1993.
*The Programme of the German Green Party, (1983) German Green Party, Heretic, London 1983.
*Weaving A Bower Against The Endless Night by Derek Wall, Green Party, London, 1994

Green Theory

*Seeing Green:The Politics of Ecology Explained by Jonathan Porritt, Blackwell, Oxford 1984.
*The Enemy of Nature by Joel Kovel, Zed Pres, New York, 2002.
Green Philosophy
*Philosophical Basis of the Green Party of England and Wales –
* Environmental Culture by Val Plumwood, Routledge 2002 – ISBN 0415178789

General Political Theory

*No Logo by Naomi Klein, Flamingo, London, 2001.
* The Great Transformation by K Polanyi, Beacon Press, Boston, 1957.

British Political History

*Anti-Capitalist Britain edited by John Carter and Dave Morland, New Clarion Press 2003 – ISBN 1873797443
*Britain’s First Socialists: The Levellers, Agitators and Diggers of the English Revolution by F. Brockway, Quartet, London 1980.
*Captive State : The Corporate Takeover of Britain by George Monbiot, Macmillan, London, 2003.

International Politics and History

*Charter of the Global Greens(Canberra 2001)
*One No, Many Yeses by Paul Kingsnorth, Free Press, London, 2004.


Green Economics

*Babylon and Beyond – The Economics of Anti-Capitalist, Anti-Globalist and Radical Green Movements by Derek Wall, Pluto Press, 2005 – ISBN 0 7453 2390 1
*Localisation: A Global Manifesto by Colin Hines, Earthscan, London, 2000
*Market, Schmarket – Building the Post Capitalist Economy by Molly Scott Cato, New Clarion Press 2006 – ISBN 1 873397 50 8
*Small is Beautiful: A Study of Economics as if People Mattered by E Schumacher, Abacus, London, 1978.


Environmental Issues

Social Issues

Policy Development Background Reading


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