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December 29, 2006

Latest List Version

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Basic Introductory Reading

*Statement of Core Principles of The Green Party of England and Wales –

Green Party Policy

*Green Party Policy Pointers –

*Green Party of England and Wales Manifesto For a Sustainable Society (Recommended for reference rather than reading through at one go!)

Green History

*A Brief History of The Global Green Network –

*Green History by Derek Wall, Routledge, London 1993.

*The Programme of the German Green Party, (1983) German Green Party, Heretic, London 1983.

*Weaving A Bower Against The Endless Night by Derek Wall, Green Party, London, 1994

Green Theory

*Green Alternatives to Globalisation, A Manifesto by Michael Woodin and Caroline Lucas, Pluto Press 2004 ISBN 0745319327

*Seeing Green:The Politics of Ecology Explained by Jonathan Porritt, Blackwell, Oxford 1984.

*The Enemy of Nature by Joel Kovel, Zed Pres, New York, 2002

Green Philosophy

*Philosophical Basis of the Green Party of England and Wales –

* Environmental Culture by Val Plumwood, Routledge 2002 – ISBN 0415178789

*The Compassionate Revolution, Radical Politics and Buddhism by David Edwards, Green Books 1998 ISBN 1870098706

General Political Theory

*The Ecology of Freedom:The Emergence and Dissolution of Hierarchy by Murray Bookchin, Black Rose Books Ltd, 1991 ISBN 092168973X

*No Logo by Naomi Klein, Flamingo, London, 2001.

* The Great Transformation by K Polanyi, Beacon Press, Boston, 1957

*Arguments For A New Left – Answering The Free-Market Right by Hilary Wainwright, Blackwell Publishing Professional, 1993, ISBN 0631191917

British Politics and History

*Anti-Capitalist Britain edited by John Carter and Dave Morland, New Clarion Press 2003 – ISBN 1873797443

*Britain’s First Socialists: The Levellers, Agitators and Diggers of the English Revolution by F. Brockway, Quartet, London 1980.

*Chartism by Asa Briggs, Sutton Pocket Histories, Sutton Publishing 1998 ISBN 0750919167

*Captive State : The Corporate Takeover of Britain by George Monbiot, Macmillan, London, 2003.

*Votes For Women:The Virago Book Of Suffragettes (Ed) by Joyce Marlow, Virago Press Limited, 2001, ISBN 1860498965

* The Blair Revelation – Deliverance for Whom? by Michael Barratt Brown and Ken Coates, Spokesman Books, 1996, ISBN: 0851246052

* Writings on the Wall – a Radical and Socialist Anthology 1215-1984 Edited by Tony Benn, Faber and Faber, 1984, ISBN: 0571133355

International Politics and History

*Charter of the Global Greens(Canberra 2001)

*Fences and Windows – Dispatches From The Frontlines Of The Globalization Debate by Naomi Klein, Flamingo 2002, ISBN 0007150474

*One No, Many Yeses by Paul Kingsnorth, Free Press, London, 2004.

*Hidden Agendas by John Pilger, Vintage, 1998, ISBN 0099741512

*The Best Democracy Money Can Buy by Greg Palast, Constable and Robinson, 2003, ISBN 1841197149

*The Chomsky Reader by Noam Chomsky, Edited by James Peck, Serpents Tail, 1987, ISBN1-85242-117-7


*Capital Volume I, A Critique of Political Economy by Karl Marx, Penguin Classics 1992, ISBN 0140445684

* Economic Democracy – the Politics of Feasible Socialism by Robin Archer, Oxford University Press, 1998, ISBN: 0198295383

*The Growth Illusion – how economic growth has enriched the few, impoverished the many and endangered the planet by Richard Douthwaite, New Society Publishers 1999, ISBN: 0865713960

*The Silent Take Over: Global Capitalism and the Death Of Democracy by Noreena Hertz, Collins 2003, ISBN 006055973X

Green Economics

*A Citizens Income – A Foundation for a Sustainable World by Clive Lord, John Carpenter (Publisher) 2003, ISBN 1897766874

*Babylon and Beyond – The Economics of Anti-Capitalist, Anti-Globalist and Radical Green Movements by Derek Wall, Pluto Press, 2005 – ISBN 0 7453 2390 1

*Green Economics – Beyond Supply and Demand to Meeting People’s Needs by Molly Scott Cato and Miriam Kennett, Green Audit Books, 1999, ISBN 189776118X

*Localisation: A Global Manifesto by Colin Hines, Earthscan, London, 2000

*Market, Schmarket – Building the Post Capitalist Economy by Molly Scott Cato, New Clarion Press 2006 – ISBN 1 873397 50 8

*Small is Beautiful: A Study of Economics as if People Mattered by E Schumacher, Abacus, London, 1978.


*The Little Earth Book by James Bruges
(Various editions) Alistair Sawday Publishing Co Ltd ISBN 1901970310

*News From Nowhere and Other Writings by William Morris, Penguin Classics 1994, ISBN 0140433309

*Our Final Century: Will Civilisation Survive the 21st Century ? by Martin Rees, Arrow 2004, ISBN 0099436868

*The Ragged-Trousered Philanthropists by Robert Tressell, Oxford World’s Classics, 2005, ISBN 0192804537

*Woman On the Edge of Time by Marge Piercy 1976 (2000) The Women’s Press, London ISBN 0-7043-4656-7

Environmental Issues

*Dirty Planet: The Friends of the Earth Guide to Pollution and What You Can Do About It by Caroline Clayton, Livewire Books For Teenagers 2001, ISBN 0704349647

*Politics And The Environment:From Theory To Practice by James Connelly and Graham Smith, Routledge 2002, ISBN 041525146X

Social Issues

*The Female Eunuch by Germaine Greer, Flamingo Modern Classics 1999, ISBN 0586080554

Policy Development Background Reading

* Environmental Policy by Jane Roberts, Routledge 2003, ISBN 0415198860

*Understanding Political Participation: Green Party Membership in Scotland by Lynne G. Bennie, Ashgate, 2004, ISBN 0754617238


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